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CC2 BOAT Electric R/C Boat (with Completer Combo)


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CC2 BOAT Electric R/C Boat (with Completer Combo) - Free Shipping! Details

The fully assembled and race ready Caribbean Cruiser is a 30-inch long, twin-motor, electric ocean racer loaded with full-race features from stem to stern. Every design feature found on this model was put there for one reason-to make it go faster!

We started with a modified V hull design featuring multiple planing strakes for breaking up water surface tension. Surface tension is the biggest drag-causing factor on any race boat, and the Caribbean Cruiser's planing strakes are placed at several points on the hull's bottom to defeat this speed-robbing phenomenon. As a result-this boat literally flies over the water's surface.

Motivating this hull are twin 550 motors bolted up to a 1:1.7 drive-ratio transmission, which in turn drives a single heavy-duty main shaft and large surface-drive prop (no toy-like under-water drive found here). Surface-drive setups are the pinnacle racing technology all the way. They are also the mechanism responsible for creating those huge rooster tails so closely associated with competition boat racing, and guaranteed to excite any onlookers.

Mounted off the transom is a strutter-design rudder control. Again, a feature only found on racing boats. Rounding out this competition package is the copper plumbed, (not aluminum) Aqua-Ramforced-water cooling system. This system features water-jacketing around the commutator ends of the twin motors keeping things cool and running at optimum output efficiency. Exiting cooling water can be seen streaming out of the model's portside freeboard-very cool. Caribbean Cruiser also comes with installed High performance competition speed control and pistol-grip radio.


  • Convenient opening hatch for easy component access
  • Aqua Ram forced water cooling system
  • Twin AquaTorque Water cooledmotors
  • Speeds 25+MPH
  • 2 Speed electronic speed control
  • Waterproof receiver box
  • Electric Powered 2 Channel Race Ready Speed Boat
  • Recommended Age: 18 +
  • Specifications:

    • Hull Length: 30 inches
    • Height: 6.5
    • Weight: 44 oz
    • Beam: 8.25
    • Engine: Twin Aqua Torque
    • Speed: 25+ MPH
    • Motor run time: 10-20 minutes


    • MTC3811 Deluxe Completer Combo
    • 12 AA alkalines, 2- 2400 battery packs, Juicebox 2 Dual Battery Charger
    • MTC3905 7.2V 6-cell 2400 MAH NuMH pack
    • MTC3923 AA alkaline 12 pack


    • Question: I would like to buy the Carribbean Cruiser, yet the hardest part is, deciding what battery packs, and battery chargers to buy.

      Suggested: MTC3905 6 cell 2400 mah 7.2v NiMH MegaPax MTC 3812 Megatech Peak Charger AC/DC 4-8 cells

      Answer:Batteries are the one thing that makes a good fast boat incredible. A quick example, 7.2volt packs range in voltage under load between 5.8 to 7.2 volts. This does'nt sound big til you use percentages, the difference is 1.4volts or 20% per battery. At this rating if your boat goes 20mph with the lesser it will go 28mph or higher with the GOOD packs. Basically it would be adding 3 cells extra to the 2- 7.2volt packs but without the extra weight of those cells.Having said this Megatech 2400mah batteries have great run time and good voltage(6.3to6.5). Have fun with the Caribbean Cruiser!

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