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Megatech Electric R/C Airplane Mega-Blimp Combo w/ Lights Airship 1 & UFO


SKU: MTC8302
Price: $69.99
Sale Price: $59.99

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Megatech Electric R/C Mega-Blimp Combo w/ Lights Airship 1 & UFO - FREE SHIPPING Details

Execute daring missions with strobing light Blimp Combo!

The MegaBlimp Combo is motivated and controlled by triple-fan silent electric motor propulsion systems. This triple-axis control system means it can be flown forward, backward, up and down and perform 360-degree turn-on-a-dime maneuvers all while maintaining complete control over airspeed. Full control and maneuvering of blimp is maintained from a hand-held proportional transmitter with a range of over 300 feet. While it is recommended to fly your blimp indoors, on a calm day it can also be flown outdoors using included outdoor tether and tether hooks.

Adding to the excitement, 7 different preprogrammed strobing light effects can be remotely selected or turned on and off from the radio transmitter! This means daring reconnaissance and rescue missions (both indoors or out!) can be conducted under the cover of night! Never has radio controlled airship flying been so much fun.

Air vessels can be conveniently filled with helium at any florist or party shop.

Available on 27MHz and 49MHz frequencies.


  • Triple motor propulsion for full forward, backward, right, left, up and down movement
  • 4-Channel dual stick transmitter
  • 7 cool pre-programmed sequential lighting effects
  • Set includes outdoor tether to fly on wind-free days
  • Alternate between Airship 1 flights and Area 51 missions
  • 4 Channel Electric Blimps with Lights RTF
  • Recommended Age: 8 to Adult


  • Length: 36 inches (Airship 1)
  • Width: 26 diameter (Area 51)
  • Functions: Forward, Reverse, up, down, right, left & onboard light control
  • Requires: Helium (available at any florist or party shop)

Set includes:

  • Blimp Air Vessel
  • UFO Air Vessel
  • Triple Fan Gondola
  • 4 Channel Transmitter
  • 3v Lithium Battery
  • 9v Alkaline Battery

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