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Nitro R/C Dark Thunder Dragster


SKU: MTC7810
Price: $399.99
Sale Price: $379.99


Nitro R/C Dark Thunder Dragster 60+ MPH In Under 3 Seconds! - FREE SHIPPING Details

Turn any parking lot into a drag racing strip! Megatech's Dark Thunderis a 100% built, all-out Top Fuel dragster that comes with installed digital 2-channel radio and Q1.6 engine. This impressive 30-inch long speed-machine comes loaded with serious full-race copetition features like: Two speed automatic transmission; centrifugal clutch; disc brakes; fully adjustable ride height; high-grade ball-bearings throughout; UltraTracdrag slicks; front & rear spoilers; T6061 billet aluminum rims and CNC machined aluminum high performance chassis. Power is supplied by Megatech's 1.6 horsepower Q1.6 engine featuring: True chrome piston/sleeve technology; Turbo-Channelinduction; Twin-needle atomization controll full-race slide-valve carburetor; high-velocity venturi and all-out Hemi-head combustion chamber. Dark Thunder is a serious straight-line contender that's ready to compete right out of the box.

  • 60+ MPH In Under 3 Seconds!
  • 100% assembled and race ready!
  • Installed digital 2 CH radio (Over 2600-ft. range!)
  • Q1.6 engine installed
  • Painted body w/front & rear spoilers


  • Machined aluminum front rims for precision straight runs
  • Thin rubber front tires for precise steering
  • Authentic rail front end system with adjustable ride height
  • Rail cup tie rod steering system
  • 100cc fuel tank for multiple run capability
  • Sealed radio box protects electronics from any impact
  • Custom tuned exhaust system for top RPM speed
  • High traction mounted and trued foam tires for the lowest elapsed time
  • Fully adjustable rear ride height for low clearance runs
  • Fully functional and adjustable rear spoiler
  • Front spoiler to enhance traction
  • 2 speed transmission for best off the line and top speed
  • T6 lightweight aluminum chassis for proper flexibility and traction
  • Cantered steering system for exact straight line runs
  • Custom painted and trimmed body


  • Recommended Age: 18+
  • Speed: 60+ MPH in 2 seconds
  • Requires: 12 AA Batteries, 25% Nitro Fuel

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